Ohaus 30392263, Clr-Lfootz Clamp, Lab Frame Foot

Ohaus 30392263, Clr-Lfootz Clamp, Lab Frame Foot

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30392263, CLR-LFOOTZ Clamp, Lab Frame Foot LabJaws offers the largest selection of Lab-Frame Kits, Lab-Lifts, Rods and Support Stands in the industry to hold glassware safely

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Aluminum is lightweight yet strong

Applications Chromatography, Distillation, Titrations, Electrolysis, Chemistry, Research amp Development, Quality Control, Ring Stands, Water Baths, Cleanroom Applications, Acid Fume Hood Applications Display N/A Operation Lab-frame kits include all components necessary to build a lab-frame Communication N/A Construction Nickel-plated zinc, stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, cast aluminum, anodized aluminum Stainless steel is autoclavable and corrosion-resistant

Cast iron with black enamel finish is chemical-resistant. Design Features N/A

Select from 13 pre-configured lab-frame kits connectors and feet included to rods which can be purchased individually and combined with LabJaws accessories to build a customized frame

Whether you rsquo re looking for a standard lab-frame or a customizable set-up, we have options to fit any space or application